The Ryan Lance Guill Memorial Broadcasting Scholarship is awarded annually to an individual pursuing a career in professional broadcasting.

Ryan began his “professional” broadcasting career in 1996 while a student at Lexington High School in Lexington, Nebraska. Eric Brown, General Manager of the Nebraska Rural Radio Association station KRVN AM in Lexington, Nebraska gave Ryan his first radio job. Little did any one know how this opportunity would affect the rest of Ryan’s life and touch those who knew him personally and professionally. To Ryan, this was more than a job, it seemed to be his calling – something he loved and lived for.

Ryan’s early life seemed to always be pointing in this direction. At age 3, Ryan was diagnosed with a speech impediment. His speech therapist recommended that he be given a toy microphone to give him motivation to practice speaking. This led him to pretend he was hosting a radio show. He would often been found standing in front of a muted television and giving weather forecasts.

Ryan was later given a real microphone and tape recorder that he would use to record the news and weather forecasts read from the newspaper.

As time passed, Ryan began working with his grandmother’s Apple computer. This began his interest in electronics. Ryan taught himself how the computer worked and what it could do. He became very proficient in its operations and was relied upon by many to help them get out of problems with this new technology.

In 1994, the World Wide Web was becoming more readily accessible. Ryan saw opportunity in this and proceeded to explore this new method of communication. He registered his first domain and began developing a personal web site.

Ryan enjoyed being involved with other people. He was a Boy Scout and Junior Fireman with the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department.  He was active in Junior and Senior high band, high school vocal groups, co-editor of Lexington High School Annual, serving as a grade school mentor, and in various church activities. Ryan was also involved with the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life and volunteered at the Nebraska Cattleman’s Ball – a fundraiser for the University of Nebraska Medical Center for Cancer Research.  He could also be found at many bluegrass concerts and helping with sound production at the Kearney Community Theatre.

Ryan’s final broadcasting role was as Program Director at KTIC FM in West Point, Nebraska. He passed away in his sleep on April 17, 2006.

Ryan enjoyed working with fellow co-workers of the Nebraska Rural Radio Network, radio clients, and the West Point Chamber of Commerce. Ryan attended many fairs and shows to interact with people, other radio personalities, and met several “big name” entertainers.

Ryan faced many obstacles in his life, but with his imagination, drive, and desire he turned his weaknesses into strengths that touched many lives.

Ryan had many people in his life who provided opportunities for him to develop his talents. A special thanks is extended to all of his teachers who allowed him to work at his speed and express himself. Special thanks to KRVN, the Nebraska Rural Radio Association, and Mr. Eric Brown, who provided Ryan the opportunity to work in the broadcasting field. Special thanks to Craig Larson, all the KTIC staff of West Point, and all the Rural Radio Network staff and co-workers who provided guidance and helped Ryan develop his skills.

It is with extreme honor that it is possible to carry on Ryan’s legacy by offering this scholarship to assist students possessing the dedication and desire to enter the broadcasting field and accept the responsibilities that go along with it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this scholarship fund to make it possible.